Image: Fiona Murphy Twilight Upwelling 2019, Diptych Drawing 52cm X 156 cm.

Image: Fiona Murphy Twilight Upwelling 2019, Diptych Drawing 52cm X 156 cm.



OPENING THURSDAY 5th SEPTEMBER, 6 – 8 PM.  EXHIBITION 5/9/2019 – 26/9/2019.

My art practice includes works on paper, ceramics and sculpture.  I am recognized nationally and internationally through collections which include the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and Art Bank.  A total of twenty-eight solo exhibitions have been held at major Australian Galleries as well as curated group exhibitions and awards in USA, Asia and Europe.

This exhibition is about the life-giving interconnections within The Great Barrier Reef as well as the impacts from ocean acidification and warming.  The kaleidoscope of reef life moving to the ebb and flow of tide, together with the shapes and textures of water is my muse.  Underwater twilight, micro and macro life and imagined scenarios are subjects explored in my drawings and collages.

The imagery in the collages include my photos of the Barrier Reef taken over the last decade. I hand cut the images into fragments to express impacted reef environments.  I layer the imagery, blending and re-contextualising the parts as a relief.

Millennium Artefacts 2019 is a sculptural assemblage/collage with ceramic elements.  Incorporated in the works are plastic objects broken, fragmented, rounded and scuffed by years of rolling around on sea floor - that become unidentifiable when washed up on shore.  In my sculptures these forms are collaged together in curious ways that speak about transformation in the marine environment.